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Published on September 8th, 2011 | by Bob


>Dead Island Updates fix almost nothing.

Dead Island has had numerous issues since its Tuesday launch. First they put wrong build out on release. You could no clip with ease and half the game was broken. They have since patched it twice in an attempt to get it working right.

It isn’t working.
Ben Kuchera, over at Ars Technica has attempted to play and the game is still fraught with issues. He attempted to change resolution in game, it crashed. After trying random stuff, it just decided now was a good time to work. He was completely unable to play multiplayer, either online or in LAN mode.
This has to be the worst game launch since Bad Company 2. And this is much worse than BC2, at least I could play the single player in that case. It is very disappointing because on all accounts, the game is good and would look amazing on PC. I’m skipping this for several months at least. Too much could go wrong right now.


5 Responses to >Dead Island Updates fix almost nothing.

  1. Peeble says:

    >Wow this really sucks. Such a great game that got ruined by some small issues.

  2. Stafunoob says:

    >honestly i dont see half of these bugs/glitches people have been seeing. now obv the multiplayer is a big issue w/ everyone but the easy way around that is just to download the free version of hamachi and set up a "lan" on someones computer to play w/

  3. djwattwood says:

    >After the first patch, haven't had a problem. People are blowing it out of proportion imo. Very fun game. Put a video up yesterday here:

  4. Accronym says:

    >I haven't had any problems with it.

  5. Dark Pulse says:

    >Yeah, the Black Ops launch was very enjoyable PC. It is not like it felt like one person ported the whole thing from the 360 to PC.



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