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Published on September 7th, 2011 | by Bob


>Hard Reset developer gets PC gaming.

>Hard Reset comes out on Tuesday, the 13th and we’ve touted it for a while as something we hope will be great. It has many of the earmarks of an awesome PC title. It’s PC exclusive, single player only and recognizing that, it’s only $26 on preorder.

An article came out today on Ars Technica, interviewing Klaudisz Zych, cofounder of Flying Wild Hog studios. Flying Wild HOG are a small, brand new studio. Why make a game for the PC, supposedly the least of your markets?

“Consoles are past their peak of interest. In my opinion everyone is moving their focus to mobile devices: iOS and Android mobiles, to social games on Facebook and finally to digital distribution on PCs. The number of copies sold for all the other systesm is not as big as for consoles, but the royalties a developer gets from the deal are much, much higher.”

So, not every motive is about love of the PC, but it is a positive for developers. Any incentive to develop for our platform, is okay with us. He also mentions Flying Wild Hog wants to target a sector that doesn’t get much love, the middle budget game. Price points tend to be either $50+ or under $20, especially for the aforementioned mobile systems. I agree with this notion Zych has. I would probably buy more games if they were in that middle ground but offered a decent amount of content. Hard Reset hits this just right at $25-$30 depending on when you buy.
Finally, the interviewer asked him about DRM (an issue, which is related to game price). DRM is a very divisive topic. Customers hate it, some developers don’t understand. Zych’s response? “I hate DRM. So no DRM.” This might seem risky, but I don’t pirate games. In fact, we here at KBMOD are vehemently against pirating games. This game is $26 right now, that’s cheap. Sure it’s a business risk, but at this price, there is no reason to pirate it.
It is good to see another developer who gets the market and understands this platform. Flying Wild Hog joins others (Epic being the big one) in a resurgent PC market.
Hard Reset Trailer:
Source: Ars Technica


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  1. Navo says:

    >There's a demo on this game on steam =)



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