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Published on September 1st, 2011 | by Dan


>More Skyrim Detail

>Skyrim is coming out in short order and we are definitely excited for release. It promises to push your PC to its limits as well as be a rich, deep storyline.

Today some more information came out about specifics in the game from Kotaku. Writer Stephen Totilo got hands-on with the game with Skyrim director Todd Howard (article link at the bottom).
Firstly, not every character in Skyrim will be killable. Some previous games you could kill anyone. Main quest, or “Central” characters will not be killed when defeated, but fall to their knees instead, in surrender. Pretty much anyone outside of these though, is fair game. There may be consequences to murdering a bunch of people though, as you would assume.
During the demo Stephen was also given a chance to try out the animal taming skill. Soon, it was discovered that although you can tame just about anything, not everything makes a good pet.

“With great anticipation I used my power on some sort of deer or elk (same family?) only to watch it flee from bandits I soon harassed.”

Well, note to self, don’t tame a deer in Skyrim. He also had a few more notes, the difficulty levels will be better tuned as well as having loot that is accordingly tailored for the difficulty. Encumberance, a stable of this series, will also return but has been tweaked so you don’t get overburdened so fast you have to throw stuff away within the first minute of leaving town.
Overall, good changes. Encumberance was a real hassle in Oblivion. When you don’t know what to do, you tend to want to pick up everything. I think I was too heavy to move within 10 minutes of starting the game the first time I started it.
Read the full article here.

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