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Published on October 25th, 2011 | by Dan


>GTA 5 Announced


On November 2 Rockstar will formally announce the latest game in its famed GTA series.  The only official thing we’ve seen is the logo which is on all websites reporting the news.

The only rumor is that it will take place in Los Santos, not Liberty City.  As noted by Kotaku, this week marks 10 years since GTA 3, one of my all time favorite games.  I am ready for a new dose of mayhem after GTA 4. The open world chaos of this series never ceases to be fun.

We should have new details on the 2nd and a trailer for the game.  Hopefully they don’t delay the PC release by 4 months like LA Noire.

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6 Responses to >GTA 5 Announced

  1. Mikan says:


  2. JRLu says:

    >Kotaku had a couple articles awhile back about this, mainly that they found casting call ads for voice actors. I don't remember much about what they were looking for, aside from a child molestor. I mean, a voice actor to do a child molestor's voice, not someone to actually touch kids.

  3. RavenValor95 says:

    >Every rockstar game I've played has been amazing, I have nothing but high hopes for this game.


  4. Darbyothrill says:

    >I'm sure they will delay PC release, but honestly I prefer this game on the console. Can't wait for that trailer.

  5. ProfScienceJ says:

    >My hopes: A vice city story line, a map the size of san andreas, the graphics and gameplay from gta 4. Game of the year?

  6. Peeble says:

    >Hopefully they release it for PC unlike Red Dead Redemption.



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