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Published on October 13th, 2011 | by Nick


>New Shadowrun game in the works


If I could get a girlish scream into text format, I would right now. Shadowrun Online, the sequel to the 2007 shooter, has been announced and I-I-I so excited.

While the previous title was essentially Counter Strike with magic and tech upgrades, the next in the series will be drastically different. There are two types of gameplay that the developers have already spoken about, action map and mission preparation. From what I can tell, the action map section will be the times where players are allowed to carry out actions in the way they choose (stealth vs. gunfights) in a top-down style world. The latter will give a more strategic and narrative feel, allowing players to bribe, use contacts, gather info, and generally prepare for the mission at hand.

Although not much else has been revealed about the gameplay, Cliffhanger Productions have said that the game will indeed be free to play. In my opinion this is fantastic. Seeing as the last game failed to become anything more than a cult-classic, this should give Shadowrun Online a fighting chance to find a large audience.
As of right now, there is really only one thing that makes me a little nervous. Shadowrun Online is going to be played fully through a web browser. Sure there are examples of browser-based games that play well, but there is definitely plenty of room for failure.
Regardless, I can’t deny my unwavering excitement for this game. Guild Wars 2 just might have been dropped down on my list. Crazy.
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    >I own this game on both pc and xbox, i love it but it can feel a little sluggish some times. I hope this new game will get a bigger following because now there is never more then 10 games playing online :(

    Btw has anyone played the shadowrun roleplaying game? (the one with dices and character sheets)



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