Nick Fenton was forged in the fires of Mount Doom in 1876. At age 14 he was traded to a tribe in the tundra of Minnesota for fur pelts. He is only captivated by instagram photos and dinosaur facts. When it comes to video games, there are none more mediocre. See him on the internet with 10 million MySpace and 10 million YouTube.

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KBMOD First Look: Quantum Conundrum

April 16th, 2012 | by Nick

Amidst the chaos of PAX East, I found myself completely taken by puzzler Quantum Conundrum. This was one of the few

KBMOD Reviews Alan Wake

March 20th, 2012 | by Nick

Alan Wake is a truly interesting specimen. Originally slated to launch on both PC and Xbox 360 simultaneously and entrenched in

KBMOD Reviews The Darkness 2

February 24th, 2012 | by Nick

Historically, first person shooters miss the mark when trying to develop an engaging single player campaign. All too often the

KBMOD Reviews Q.U.B.E.

January 18th, 2012 | by Nick

Upon first glance, Q.U.B.E. looks like a Portal clone. It offers interesting puzzle solving in a 3D space. In a

Tech The Halls: Nick

December 9th, 2011 | by Nick

I thoroughly enjoy Christmas. There are many reasons, mainly because I get to sit on a stranger’s lap and make

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