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Published on October 31st, 2011 | by Nick


>Possible Battlefield 3 Fixes

>If you have been playing Battlefield 3 over the past few days, most likely you have run into a couple issues. DICE and the Battlefield community are both dropping a few knowledge-bombs on how to resolve these problems, or how they will be fixed in future.

DICE themselves have spoken out about crashes on Battlefield 3, and suggest that you check your latest drivers. Another snag you may come across is factory-overclocked GPU’s. These cards can also force your game to crash. DICE also plans to deal with issues when it comes to joining a match with a squad. At the moment, the most effective way is to have one friend join, then the rest of the gang follows through the Com Center.
Along with the general “call customer support” routine, the plethora of online communities have found a few other solutions. Experimenting with Universal Plug and Play, port options, and repairing your game on Origin have all shared success in many cases.
Basically, you can either go through a few manual tweaks, or just wait for a patch and some driver updates. There isn’t a whole lot to complain about, considering the games launch went over very well, especially for the massive population this game is reaching out to.
Within the next few weeks, I’m sure we will have one of the most polished shooters the season.
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4 Responses to >Possible Battlefield 3 Fixes

  1. wintagreen says:

    >I'm getting a lot of crashes in BF3, and I do have a factory-overclocked GTX 570. I'm praying that DICE will come out with a patch to fix the issue so that I don't have to downclock my GPU (minimal effort of my part is the desired outcome here). Everything else in the game has worked well for me. I was surprised at how smoothly the launch went, and although I like to complain about Battlelog, the system does actually work. I just hope it doesn't become a trend.

  2. NuketownN00b says:

    >IMO the launch went off very well. Only problems I've really experienced were being disconnected from a server randomly but for how very little that's happened considering how the launch was so hyped, you can't really complain. As far as joining with a squad goes, it would be ideal that it works 100% no problem but that's not reality. It will be fixed. And if you are able to join off your friends instantly, what all is there to complain about? I've played hundreds of games already and other than the few times I've been disconnected, I have no complaints. My complaints are about the actual players in-game but that's personal.

  3. Joe says:

    >IMO the launch failed hard.

  4. cheddarchezz says:

    >nfen rhymes with nfaggot.



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