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Published on October 17th, 2011 | by Dan


>SWTOR Gets a New Trailer

>SWTOR is not a game that we here at KBMOD have much enthusiasm for.  I’ve heard from people who have played the game that it is basically WoW with a Star Wars mod.  In theory this sounds good, but I feel that they really had the opportunity to do something great with this game and just didn’t.  The big mistake for me is that unlike almost every other MMO, they are charging a monthly fee.  I would honestly try the game if it weren’t for this.

Anyway, enough for my thoughts, here is the new trailer:

3 Responses to >SWTOR Gets a New Trailer

  1. derp says:

    >no offense to anyone who is going to play it, but it looks like complete shit.
    i may be wrong though

  2. John says:

    >I played an early alpha build, derp – and it wasn't bad at all. The voice acting sucked, the graphics were botched in some areas.. but there was a defined story right from the start. Kinda liked it, apart from some of the bugs.

  3. Behemoth says:

    >Don't care what the naysayers say, I'm betting on this MMO.

    I remember people saying Rift was a WoW clone too. I played it less than a month, not because it was a WoW clone, but because it wasn't any fun.

    I've been following this game's development cycle for 3 years, and I'm not giving up now.

    By the way, the monthly subscription is a bad excuse. Almost all recent AAA MMOs have had a monthly subscription. If subscriptions were truly dead, the biggest MMO on the market, WoW, should stop using one. Don't act like SWTOR is the bad guy here.



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