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Published on November 2nd, 2011 | by Dan


>Grand Theft Auto V Trailer


>Here it is, and as always, Rockstar delivers!




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  • Dan

    >Color me excited gents!

  • Lappe

    >* San Andreas
    * Animals (Dogs in first shot)
    * Kids (Person talking about them)
    * Planes return
    * Jetski
    * Terrific graphics, although console-ish (e.g. the mountain/houses at canyon)
    * Protagonist older Tommy Vercetti?

    Either way, I is excite!:D

  • Jose Aquino

    >Holy shit airplanes…will my nasa computer do to run it though?

  • derp

    >the way nasa is right now, you could play quake arena

  • wintagreen

    >Being from Los Angeles, it was really awesome first to see the city recreated in LA Noire, and now it's in GTA 5. It looks amazing. Venice Beach, Hollywood, and downtown LA are all gorgeous. And don't forget the migrant workers in the Central Valley. I'm so pumped for this game!

  • Steven

    >I just wanna kill people for no reason

  • ProfScienceJ

    >Hookers are confirmed. Have sex with the hooker. Pay in beatings.

  • dominick

    >i wonder if the machinima offices will be in the game

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