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Published on November 5th, 2011 | by Dan


Welcome to 2.0!

This is kind of a test post to see if I can post any news today.  I think I am going to lunch with Bob and Sean today to talk about the website.  Keep supporting us!  Because of you guys we are going to have to upgrade our hosting.  This is a good problem to have.

All we ask is that you make an exception for us on adblock.  We will also have a donation button for game servers (we have a bunch we are getting soon, Promod, MW3, Tribes) if you want to help that way.  We want to make this into a strong, fun PC gaming community with lots of phallic jokes mixed in.

Enjoy the forums and the news AND the upcoming game servers.

IF you are having registration problems, please use “Connect With: Twitter” rather than registering for the site.


<3 Dan aka NipNops

The Twitter Login plugin should be fixed – let us know if you continue to have trouble

24 Responses to Welcome to 2.0!

  1. anon says:

    Like the new layout :D

  2. Firefox9890 says:

    I love it, but the problem is that only select few people actually get to post on the forums. There is no point to it if we aren’t aloud to post on it.

    • Dan nipnops says:

      There is an issue with logins at the moment. It will get fixed!

    • Bob bpost says:

      Yes, we are having an issue with logins and registration. We’re working to correct it. There isn’t a “select few” as you had mentioned on twitter and here as well. It works for some, and not for others. I can delete your account and allow you to re-create your account (preferably by using the “Connect with: Twitter” functionality – that seems to be working the best.

  3. r0tfish says:

    I think there is a permissions problem but the site looks awesome, great job Bob and guys :D

  4. GrImReApEr says:

    Ive never had any problems with the ads on your website they are always computer related so it doesn’t bother me

  5. GuyWithHair102 says:

    this website is ALMOST as sexy as john but still pretty good

  6. Jroch says:

    Yea, does look quite awesome :D

  7. Hamster says:

    Are the background images random ? Don’t get me wrong I like BF3, but having a BF3 background for most of the site is going to get stale.

    Also, I miss the old logo. ><

  8. Seventy2 says:

    Dan aka drunknops

  9. Mikan says:

    WOW! GREAT JOB GUYS! Been hyped about KBMOD 2.0 for like 2 months now or whenever you announced it, this is gonna be great :)

  10. aSneakyTeapot says:

    Awesome job guys, gonna be great when everything’s functional. Love the changing backgrounds, keeps things fresh!

  11. Navo says:

    Yummy… huge step up, it feels like going from win95 to win7, awesome!

  12. Lyonsy says:

    Looks so much better :D

  13. SniperNoSniping says:

    it is working just fine for me. the website looks great, it’s awesome to see you guys have success

  14. Aequitas says:

    Boner Achieved.

  15. KingCleoII says:

    Nice, but I don’t really like the backgrounds…

  16. MrMattyMouse MrMattyMouse says:

    Good job on the new site to all who were involved in its conception and creation. You guys are legit bros, I hope you don’t get trolled too badly.

  17. StevyyO_o says:

    Nice work guys! I love it <3

  18. Huzzaification says:

    Looking good! Love the new design.

  19. Orb says:

    Orb’s Seal of Approval.

  20. JarateForYou says:


  21. Nilf says:

    love the new layout good job guys



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