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Published on December 19th, 2011 | by Dan


Intel Quick Hits: Ivy Bridge Price List, i5-2550k Released

More hardware news today!  If you were waiting on the Ivy Bridge price point to decide on an upgrade path, wait no more.

It is very comparable to the current Sandy Bridge range, with the K chips coming in at $225 for the i5-3570k and $332 for the i7-3770k (courtesy of CPU World):


This being the Intel cycle, performance gains won’t be enormous, but they will be there. Expect the Sandy Bridge parts to drop a little bit at some point.  The good thing is that Intel aren’t money grabbing it seems, even with AMD waving the white flag.

Speaking of Sandy Bridge, Intel is also putting out yet another Sandy Bridge offering with the i5-2550k.  It will slot just above the 2500k and if the 2700k was any model to follow, it will be a slight upgrade with a slight price increase.  No word on real specs or price yet for this chip.

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3 Responses to Intel Quick Hits: Ivy Bridge Price List, i5-2550k Released

  1. SRVisG0D says:

    Hot damn I like what I see!

    Building a desktop soon and I’ll probably get the i7 3770k with that new AMD card.. Or maybe not because I’m sick of CCC.

  2. FiiBeR says:

    probably do a new build in summer i5-3570k
    wonder what the new mobos will bring
    not sure weather to get a 7970 or a 580 yet though

  3. jakob says:

    if it only has 77 watts of heat it will oc like a boss



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