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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 21

What can we say? This week was one of the funniest podcasts in recent memory. We cover Notch stepping down, Bethesda loving the PC, CS:GO and why Podbean is the worst hosting service in the world. The Twitter Q+A brings up horrible repressed memories for Scott, who can never look at cats the same way again. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 21

  1. Ryklost says:

    Absolutely loved this episode!!

  2. TheProNovice says:

    Would there be foreplay with the cat?

  3. Wheelzz says:

    I love this podcast. Come home from a shitty day of school and essays. Open up kbmod and see the awesome podcast from my favourite PC gaming guys!

  4. iAxX says:

    2:32 AM you’d figure I go to sleep because It’s thursday.

    Podcast’s up … Nope…

  5. ApotheosisNemesis says:

    kfm was the hardest decision in APLs life ever.

  6. Saint says:

    Oh lord, I was dying at the end of the podcast. Such a good episode this week. xD

  7. they talked about the giant penus that we made for john

  8. TorSaaN says:

    F*ck you , I have a math test tomorrow that decides my whole math grade for the year , and you post this ! :/ FU

  9. Ofenlicht says:

    That will make me happy even though I am sick.
    Thank you all for doing such a thing for us.
    I really enjoy every episode and listen closely to them.
    xoxo Ofenlicht



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