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Published on December 28th, 2011 | by Dan


Speculation: Ivy Bridge Coming April 8?

Get the rumor mill started.  Most sites have been pointing to May for the release of the new slimmer, less power hungry Intel chips.  Digitimes is now reporting that the release date is a few weeks earlier on April 8th.

The chips supposedly released that day will include the ones that matter to PC gamers:  the i7-3770k and the i5-3550k.  These will clock in at prices similar to their 2500k and 2600k Sandy Bridge counterparts if this price list is to be believed.  Also released on the 8th will be several notebook and ultrabook versions of the processors.  The remainder will release in May.

This is all unconfirmed and from a dubious source cited as “PC makers in Taiwan.” Regardless, most of this seems to be what everything was pointing to: a spring release of Ivy Bridge.  We will get you all the information on the chips as soon as it is available.

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3 Responses to Speculation: Ivy Bridge Coming April 8?

  1. ASoggySandal says:

    “PC makers in Taiwan” sounds about as reliable as “Some bloke down at the pub”! Haha

  2. Mashfield says:

    So here’s my question, should i see how long my Phenom 965 BE can hold out and wait until the 3770k comes out and get one of those with a nice Sabertooth Motherboard etc?
    Should I upgrade to a 2600k when IB comes out and save myself a couple hundred pounds?

  3. IAmANoob says:

    I hope ivy bridge is released on April 8 because it’s my birthday.



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