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Published on January 26th, 2012 | by Dan


EA Lining Up More PC Publishers for Origin

EA’s Origin service is facing an uphill battle, despite having exclusive titles such as Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3. Origin has had numerous reported issues with delivery of games taking days to show up in libraries, and clueless Origin service representatives have become the butt of many jokes. These unnecessary difficulties have led many to lament having to use the service, typically opting to use other digital distribution platforms for all games that aren’t exclusive to Origin itself.

Undeterred from these sentiments, EA is looking to continue growing Origin by signing on more publishers and bolstering its library of available games. Some of the larger names include CD Projekt RED, the studio behind the hit Witcher series, and Trion Worlds, makers of the popular MMO Rift. Also being added are games from Paradox Interactive, Robot Entertainment, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, Autumn Games, 1C Company, inXile entertainment, Core Learning Ltd., and N3V Games.

Whether adding more publishers will convince more gamers to make the switch to Origin isn’t certain. We here at KBMOD have few complaints with the Steam platform, and until EA drastically improves the Origin service itself, simply adding more publishers won’t put a dent in Steam’s lead.

Source: Kotaku; image courtesy of EA

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4 Responses to EA Lining Up More PC Publishers for Origin

  1. HYPEMonger says:

    the days of trolling ea representatives are over for me sadly, now to wait for alter battlelog to be released.

  2. BlackDeath3 says:

    We can end the abuse of the word “logically” if we work together!

  3. Player One says:

    If they up their game improve their client and rival Steam for cheapness I will quite happy start using it regularly. I’ve no problem with them trying to get in on the PC gaming scene so long as they actually work for it. I’m not simply going to jump ship due to a few more titles being available. Sure it’s a start but they are gonna have to do a lot more to convince me to start using Origin. I need a decent client, a profile name I can change (so I’m not stuck with my account name), and cheap ass games. If they keep working on it, good! If not it will just end up another GFWL.



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