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Published on January 6th, 2012 | by Dan


Steam Doubles Sales for 7th Straight Year

“PC Gaming is dead!” was the cry for the last few years. Of course, here at KBMOD we know that not to be true, but the resurgence of the PC will be forever linked to the success of Steam.

For the 7th straight year, Steam doubled sales. For a segment that was dying it certainly seems to be doing a turn around.  There are a lot of other mind boggling figures associated with Valve’s distribution service. 1800 games are now available on Steam.  I think we bought most of them over the Christmas sale. 40 million accounts are registered and over 780 petabytes of data has been downloaded.  That is defined as ‘a lot’ for those wondering how much a petabyte is.

Steamworks is playing a part in all this as well.  The relationship between developers and Steam is overall healthy (well, minus EA).  Developers want their games on Steam and Steam provides the best distribution tools possible for them. They get built in DRM and a massive audience straight away.

Steam being user friendly is also huge factor. We love Steam because we can hop right in and have all our games right there, accessible. It isn’t just Valve reaping the benefits, we all are.  A healthy Steam is a healthy PC gaming community.  Here’s to hoping it continues!

Source: PCGamer

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2 Responses to Steam Doubles Sales for 7th Straight Year

  1. osirez says:

    The only thing I can see better then Steam succeeding is another outfit coming in and being successful. I think consumers would only benefit from this. And I’m not talking about some half arse attempt from a software giant like EA either.

  2. CharlieTango says:

    Got bored and decided to put this much data into perspective because I doubt most people can truly understand this volume of data. I’m going to set a “standard” HDD as a 1TB drive that weighs about 2lbs and is approximately 1in. tall x 4in wide x 5.75in long. If you were to hold all of the information Valve sold into 1TB HDD it would take 780,000 drives to hold all the information.
    At current hard drive prices, the price alone of the empty disks would be almost $200 million.
    Stacked on top of each other the drives would reach over 12 miles into the air. The tallest building in the world is barely over half a mile tall.
    Laid end to end the drives would reach over 70 miles.
    Put on a scale these would weigh in at 780 tons of HDDs.
    These numbers are definitely staggering. Hopefully Steam keeps up the numbers.



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