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Published on February 7th, 2012 | by Dan


Nvidia’s 600 Series Leaks Onto Web

At first, Nvidia seemed a bit arrogant when they recently remarked that they had expected more from AMD’s new 7000 series video cards. But now we know why Nvidia is so confident: Tech site Lenzfire has obtained the prices, specs, and release windows for each of the Nvidia 600 series cards.

On paper, the GTX 680 appears to hold a whopping 45% performance increase over the Radeon 7970, while the GTX 670 will be a 20% increase over the AMD’s flagship card. If these numbers turn out to be true, the high-end game looks to be an all-Nvidia affair.

Here is the full list of the new GPUs, courtesy of Maximum PC:

  • GTX 690: 2×1.75GB, 2×6.4 billion transistors, $999, Q3 2012
  • GTX 680: 2GB, 6.4 billion transistors, $649, April
  • GTX 670: 1.75GB, 6.4 billion transistors, $499, April
  • GTX 660 Ti: 1.5GB, 6.4 billion transistors, $399, Q2/Q3 2012
  • GTX 660: 2GB, 3.4 billion transistors, $319, April
  • GTX 650 Ti: 1.75GB, 3.4 billion transistors, $249, Q2/Q3 2012
  • GTX 650: 1.5GB, 1.8 billion transistors, $179, May
  • GTX 640: 2GB, 1.8 billion transistors, $139, May

Judging by these alleged prices and specs, Nvidia is looking to put the hurt on AMD in a serious way. As you can see, these cards are not going to be cheap, and top-level performance will come at a very high premium. At $649, the GTX 680 will be among the most expensive single-GPU cards we’ve ever seen, with the GTX 670 and 660 Ti also occupying much higher price points than their predecessors. However, with such a massive expected performance increase over current-gen cards, we’re sure enthusiasts will still gobble these up in a hurry.

So what does this mean for you? There’s probably a lot of room for prices to come down after the 600 series is released, and it virtually guarantees that we’ll see price drops in the AMD 7000 series at that point in time. Either way, we’re betting that you’ll be able to pick up a beast of a card from Nvidia or AMD for a reasonable price by this summer.

Now we’re really itching to see some real-world benchmarks. We’ll keep you updated over the coming months as more details come out.


Image courtesy of Nvidia

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16 Responses to Nvidia’s 600 Series Leaks Onto Web

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  2. Dex says:

    I will have to wait and see how everything works out. I might hold out until we see the first revisions of both series of cards. The last batch of release cards from both makers were pretty shitty.

    There may be a 660Ti in my future, though.

  3. sNAR says:

    2 670 for me please lol

  4. TagsWithScope says:

    Must…purchase…2 690s to play LoL…

  5. Demented Rican says:

    Rubbing nipples right nao. I’m problably going to get a 660ti or just the regular 660 for my next build.

  6. BertytheSnowman says:

    Think I’ll upgrade from my 460 to either 660, 670 or 680 depending on how much money I have by then ^^

  7. Jake says:

    Looks good. Most likely going to upgrade from my gtx 460 to the gtx 640 around june or july then, or the 650. I have to wait to see some benchmark videos first before I go blowing that much money.

  8. DamnedNiggar says:

    2/10 too expensive wouldn’t bang

  9. CummySockz says:

    I’m so hot right now. These cards will really help me bring out the visual quality of my DOS games.

  10. BagOporridge says:

    What will the games look like that utilize these cards completely…?(future-thoughts-boner)

  11. diwas13 says:

    I posted this on the forums here a week ago, there were a lot of negative comments on the site, saying that the info wasn’t credible.

  12. LiqhtWeiqht says:

    I’ve been updating my dell and I was trying to decide either to wait for the 600 series cards or just get a 560ti. I decided to the the 560ti because I don’t really plan on playing high end games like bf3 and seeing the price point for the 660ti i’m glad I didn’t wait. I’m only 16 and dont have $400 to spend on a video card. but it looks like the 600 series is going to shit on the 7000.

  13. theuberelite says:

    So basically nVidia is to GPUs as Intel is to Processors. They’re pretty much in competition with themselves now.
    Gr, I don’t wanna wait til April/May to buy GPU… lol :( Oh well…

  14. RossGeddes says:

    Why would a non Ti 660 have 2GB VRAM and a Ti 660 have but 1.5GB?

  15. Jonathan Beck hexidecimal says:

    Sigh, remember when the 4870 came out and AMD targeted solid performance at a human price rate? I miss those days. I was really hoping we’d never get back to the days of 700 dollar GPUs.

    Also, until nVidia announces a card that can run more than 2 monitors at a time, pass. I’d also like to see a real world benchmark that can back up that claim of performance over the 7000 series cards. It will be interesting to see what happens once these cards hit market.



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