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Published on March 27th, 2012 | by Brandon


Tribes: Ascend Releases New “Cloak & Dagger” Update

With the official launch of Tribes: Ascend just a couple of weeks away, Hi-Rez Studios released a patch today that features the game’s first Team Fortress 2-style class update. As you can likely guess from the name “Cloak & Dagger,” this update focuses on the stealthy Infiltrator class. Check out the trailer above for a preview of the new additions.

In this patch, the Infiltrator gets the game’s first custom skins with its new Assassin and Mercenary looks (which are a bit pricey at 1200 gold and 800 gold, respectively). Additionally, Infiltrators now have three new unlockable weapons:

  • Jackal: The Jackal fires up to three rounds that stick to any surface, and are remote triggered for detonation. Costs 780 gold or 100,000 XP.
  • Throwing Knives: Throwing Knives deal impressive damage on a direct hit, and have a small splash damage radius. Costs 420 gold or 75,000 XP.
  • Smoke Grenade: Instantly vanish without waiting the normal reveal time from taking damage or firing a weapon. In addition, remain in stealth for 2 seconds even if you take damage. Firing a weapon will still break stealth. Costs 240 gold or 42,000 XP.

Outside of the class update, this patch also added a new Arena map, useful flag status HUD indicators, various balance changes, and several welcomed bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, you can check out the full patch notes.

The patch is live now and should download automatically when you open the game. Let us know in the comments what you think about these new Infiltrator changes!

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5 Responses to Tribes: Ascend Releases New “Cloak & Dagger” Update

  1. Whyaim says:

    Both Force fields and turrets need to be nerfed. On the new snow map it’s possible to completely box the flag in and scatter turrets EVERYWHERE so no one can take down their gen.

  2. AaronTheReaper says:

    And yet no balance fixes for the terribly over powered light turrets and the Tech class in general?!

    • CharlieTango says:

      Tech class is no overpowered. The normal activity of the tech class is repairing until the generator goes down. Then they have to wander into the base and deal with an infiltrator who is usually invisible. As long as the infiltrator isn’t terrible he should beat the tech most of the time. Technician doesn’t have very high health, and the smg is pretty awful at anything outside of close quarters gunfights.

      • AaronTheReaper says:

        turrets, fuckin turrets everywhere.

      • AaronTheReaper says:

        my real problem is the turret. turn the fire rate, damage, and aim ability down. so that if i am moving 230 as a pathfinder past the flag with 800 health i don’t die from one mini turret



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