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Published on June 4th, 2012 | by Dan


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Release Date and Price Set

Valve has finally announced the release date and price for the newest iteration of Counter-Strike. Everyone knew a late summer release was likely in the cards, and now we have exactly that: An official release date of August 21 for a modest price of $15.

Updates for CS:GO have been coming out frequently in recent weeks, with recent patches adding important elements like custom servers and expanded team sizes. Now, with a release planned for just over two months from now, the beta should continue to pick up even more speed. The game has come leaps and bounds beyond where it was in the beginning of beta, and while the competitive community is still showing concern over the game’s direction, our own CS veteran Scott believes it’s moving in the right way.

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on a CS:GO beta key yet, hopefully this amazing video by Scott about one of the recent updates will hold you over:

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11 Responses to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Release Date and Price Set

  1. adrian_fedz says:

    good guy valve

  2. jfkisjack says:

    People were saying it was going to be $40 but for $15 there is no way I wont buy it. I can’t wait I like the beta right now but knowing Valve if it isn’t ready but then they will delay it and make it so that it’s ready for release.

  3. Dalesy says:

    As much as I want to, I have a very hard time believing the game will be ready by August. The beta as it currently stands still has so much ground to cover in order to become a competitively viable title.

  4. GuyMiko says:

    As John said Valve does so much to have their games run at 60 fps across a lot of hardware and I agree. I am currently using a laptop for gaming (no money LOL) that has a gtx60m and a dual core processors clocked at 2.13ghz and this game, although I have to run it at all low settings (still looks good at all low surprisingly) I get at minimum of 25fps but a constant 45-50 fps. Valve…if you were a woman I would caress your sweet vagina lips in my mouth until you squirt on my face. GG

  5. Deadguy says:

    Wow, I thought for sure they were going to go with a 50 or 60 dollar price tag.

    After thinking a bit more about it, $15 is a really smart move. That price will attract even the most casual of gamers as well as the hardcore crowd. I would have held off if it was 50+, but 15 is a deal I cannot pass up.

  6. Wheelzz says:

    Activision and Treyarch/IW spend a year and release a rushed $60 game plus $15/DLC and valve spends 8 years and releases a much much better game for $15. Crooks Activision, crooks!

  7. Disconsented says:


  8. Desng7 says:

    hate to be whiny bitch but does anyone got a key there not using

  9. TrippingBowser says:

    Yes that is great to hear I can’t wait to play with all my clanmates :)

  10. ComboDavid says:

    CS:GO is not going to cost me everything.



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