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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 49

Episode 49 is here with a vengeance only a highly medicated Scott Fisher can bring, and we’re coming to you a day earlier than usual so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of our voices on July 4th. In the news this week, we discuss our Max Payne 3 review, some bizarre religious opposition to SMITE, Valve releasing their Source Filmmaker tool, the world building/tower defense hybrid Planet Explorers, Sony’s acquisition of cloud gaming company Gaikai, and more! Our rant this week centers around pre-order bonus nonsense from the big publishers, with a mini-rant on Gamestop for the role they play in the situation. We end with the always-unpredictable Twitter questions segment, which includes a true rapid fire section this week! Enjoy!

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8 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 49

  1. brainraker says:

    Im surprised yous didnt mentionthat Activision did this with black ops 2 if you got the pre order bonus you got all the zombie maps form world at war,this bonus was later resealed as DLC with only zombie packs ,so this is just like last time and nuketown will probably be dlc when the next call of duty comes out and black ops 2 is nearly dieing

  2. j_b____ says:

    Heard Brandon say that he randomly got the Source Filmmaker in his steam library without notification. So I go check and there it is!
    Cheers guys great show as always.

  3. scrufffy says:

    Great show! I checked out planet explorers and it seems like it has a lot of potential.

  4. munkyadrian says:

    im in the same situation, probably not as bad, as the one kid in highschool who needs a new pc except my pc was around $1600 in 2009 so not too bad, but the graphics card is such a hunk of shit that i cant run anything past tf2 on medium
    i could use a new case too
    so just tell me a graphics card and case i should get

  5. Gatman94 says:

    I still see plenty of 6870’s on newegg

  6. VerbatimGT says:

    you know what was ironic the fact that I was on PCPartPicker as they talked about it. lol

  7. gecka12 says:

    I love you guys. Funny and intelligent. there are glaring balance issues with SMITE, as you have said. But you should play the game a bit more and tune in with the hardcore community before saying what is and isn’t balanced. (PS. Hades can be countered with 500 gold, and from then on he’s useless.)

  8. Innkvart says:

    Concerning the Lagops 2 preorder scam, I expect activision to release nuketown as dlc with a price, not only as a preoder bonus. It’s sad that a company that mainly focuses on video entertainment through videogames and now specializing in maximizing profits from selling videogames, no matter the inconvenience or happiness of the customer. They care less and less for anything but the money, so i hope others realize this and stop giving it to them unless they actually deserve it.



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