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Bro Cave: @ACARDINAL86

This week we feature Mike, aka @ACARDINAL86 on twitter and his clean Corsair Obsidian Series 650D paired with symmetrical ASUS 23’s. I dig the mood lighting. The KBMOD magnet doesn’t hurt, either.

Well I figured I might as well post my bro cave, considering KBMOD was where I went to get into PC gaming back when I was beginning my build in April. I don’t post here a lot – I am more of a creeper!

To begin, I was introduced to PC gaming by my cousin who lived out of the state with my grandparents. Around the age of 6 I remember him playing some awesome game on what I think now was a possibly an Apple II, and I believe it was a game he programmed but at a young age I had no idea what he was trying to explain to me but I thought it was awesome.  My parents finally got a computer when I was around 12, and I spent my time rocking out Microsoft Golf 3.0 and Monster Truck Madness.  Granted, they we not awesome games, but I played them to death.

From high school through my first stint of college I was a consololol player, as it was just cheaper at the time and all my friends played it. Now, I am converted to the PC platform, but I still play all my sports games on my PS3 and the few games that never make it to PC.

In April I did my first ever build that was very rewarding to complete.  I really want to upgrade to a 670 in August and upgrade the 200mm fans in my case.

PC Specs:

  • Case:  Corsair 650D
  • Mobo:  Asus P8P67EVO
  • CPU:  Intel i7 2600K @ 4.4GHz
  • CPU Cooler:  Cooler Master 212+ with Gentle Typhoons in a push-pull configuration
  • RAM:  8GB G Skill sniper DDR3 1866
  • GPU:  EVGA GTX 570HD 2.5GB PSU:  Corsair GS800
  • SSD:  60GB OCZ Vertex 3 for OS
  • HDD:  1 500gb Samsung F3 and 1 1TB Samsung F3
  • Fans: 3 Gentle Typhoons, front and top 200mm stock corsair fans
  • Monitors:  2 x 23” Asus 1080p
  • Keyboard & Mouse:  Razer Blackwidow and Deathadder and Steelseries cloth QcK pad
  • Desks:  2 Ikea Vika desks
  • Chair:  Some random POS that gets the job done
  • Others:
  • Asus A53U-XE2 laptop
  • Samsung  40” 1080p TV
  • Sony PS3 Slim with upgraded 500GB HDD


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13 Responses to Bro Cave: @ACARDINAL86

  1. Thompaam says:

    Favorite things: 650D, very sexy case, KBMOD badge because #DellOrDie and Iron Maiden poster.

  2. Wheelzz says:

    How do those fans work on the 212+? Do they work better than the stock single CM Blademaster?

    • ACARDINAL86 says:

      I couldn’t say they work better than the stock single as I haven’t ran the set up. I think they work awesome. Currently my AC is broke and it is quite warm and humid in the house at I’m at around 35-37 idle and when my room in normal temp I’m <35 idle. At what I would say a normal use load I'm around 48-58 depending on what I am doing.

      I wasn't looking for a upgrade or to get super low temps I wanted a case that was fairly quite with out having to deal with water cooling and that can move air. Over all I am happy with the Typhoons and Gelid fans in my case.

      • Wheelzz says:

        Thanks. What temps do you get when running something like Prime 95?

        • ACARDINAL86 says:

          For prime 95 I am around 63-68c when my Air is working. But I just tested and I averaged around 73-77c. But as I stated before it is currently around 76-80F in my room now as the AC is down and the humidity is also up.

  3. Nejliko says:

    Wow, really awesome.

  4. Cyberwaste says:

    That is a pretty beefcake rig… But I WANT THAT TROOPER POSTER!

  5. Mikan says:

    Fucking sick!

  6. ACARDINAL86 says:

    Oh dear god, somebody call the firing squad I have seemed to use the wrong word!

  7. Airfire21 says:

    were* in the 2nd last line of the 2nd paragraph, also, you’re wiring is really good. Mines almost as good of a calibur. Half, maybe ;)

  8. Dan Dan says:

    Phew, some expensive fans in that sucker, but awesome.



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