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Published on August 10th, 2012 | by Brandon


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Available for Pre-order, Huge Patch Incoming Before Release

Valve announced back in June that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would release on August 21 for the modest price of 15 dollars, and many of you have already been playing for months as the game has evolved over a prolonged beta period. With less than two weeks until the scheduled release date, CS:GO is now available for pre-order on Steam. Pre-ordering gets you a 10% discount off the normal price and, if you don’t already have a beta key, also grants you access to the beta on August 14.

Also planned for sometime within the next few days is a sizable patch that lists well over a hundred changes/tweaks/fixes and includes, among other things, a revised scoreboard and an overhauled sound spatialization system.

Since the CS:GO beta began back in December, Valve has done an impressive job of taking into account the copious amount of player feedback in order to make the final game worthy of the Counter-Strike name. At 15 dollars, this purchase seems like a no-brainer if you’re a fan of the previous Counter-Strike games. Will you be hopping on the CS:GO pre-order train?

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8 Responses to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Available for Pre-order, Huge Patch Incoming Before Release

  1. CheddarChezz therealchezz says:

    Already riding de_train.

  2. Sazabi says:

    Honestly I more than likely won’t be picking this up. CS Go doesn’t have what I believe is most important about a Counter Strike game, it doesn’t really have an appeal to competitive players, I don’t see CS Go in a competitive arena at all. its like a new CSS and what CS needed was a new 1.6 that’s were competitive counterstrike is. Valve just seemed to ignore the 1.6 community and focus solely on the source players which it should be the other way around. the 1.6 players should have had a game made for them instead. its also laughable that all of the Pros were from sources from what I heard, which is idiotic because 1.6 has a much bigger community. Not a pick up until its like $1.00

  3. Ryklost says:

    I’m excited for this game, already pre-ordered it!

  4. Whyaim says:

    Of my 700 hours on CSS about 500 to 600 hours of that were on surf servers. That’s honestly what really draws me to it because there’s nothing else like it. So I won’t be preordring it. I’ll wait and see if popular surf channels go to it, or just stick with source.

  5. lukepetro99 says:


  6. DiscoAutopsy says:

    The new update made the beta even more fun. I’m really looking forward to the full release.

  7. Mindscape says:

    They added a Deagle Flip!!11!!1!

  8. rohitsanyal says:

    I had preordered the game and steam gave me access to the beta.I was the gamer who played the most from India so steam gave me the full version five days before it’s release date!it’s so cool!!

    They also gave me the steel series cs go accessories special edition-headphone,mouse and cooling pad…!!!!!



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