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The KBMOD Uplink: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankfully Uplink doesn’t contain anything quite as depressing as the demise of THQ yesterday.  We have games moving into open beta, pre-order bonus info, some Starcraft II news and more.

Check it out:

-Hi-Rez Studios third person MOBA SMITE is going into open beta today.  It brings with it the announcement of a $100k tournament.  Get practicing!

-Path of Exile hit open beta yesterday.  I played many hours of this game in closed beta and we streamed the launch last night.  If you want your Diablo fix without the real money AH getting in the way, definitely check out Path of Exile.

-We don’t like the idea of pre-order bonuses here at KBMOD, but we will inform you of your choices anyway.  Bioshock Infinite has announced their pre-order bonuses for when the game finally arrives on March 26.

-Tribes: Ascend continues its path into the shadow of SMITE as Hi-Rez announced they are halving the XP cost of weapons in the gotta-go-fast shooter. No guarantees on how long it’ll last, so if you’re still an avid Tribes player, hop on and get some weapons for cheap.

-Finally, for you Esports and Starcraft II junkies out there, PCGamer has published a long interview with SC2 game director Dustin Browder.  He covers a ton of info on how they are approaching Heart of the Swarm for the competitive scene as well as addressing balance issues and other game details.

Those are the highlights for today! Make sure to check back every day here on KBMOD for news links and other posts.

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5 Responses to The KBMOD Uplink: Thursday, January 24, 2013

  1. Nemo says:

    Good post Dan. Will definitely be checking out the Smite and Path of Exile betas. The Bioshock preorders do leave a bad taste in my mouth but at least they aren’t doing different preorder bonuses for different distributors . . . as of yet.

  2. Y2Ken says:

    I’ve been playing Path of Exile all day. It’s really good fun so far. I love the fairly bold differences from the genre leaders – stuff like the skill gems, refilling potions, and currency system which works well without the use of gold.

    Promising stuff. Also I adore just looking at that skill tree.

  3. Lenovolol says:

    “No guarantees on how long it’ll last, so if you still an avid Tribes player, hop on and get some weapons for cheap.”


  4. MentokTheMindTaker says:

    Loving the uplink these days Dan. I’ma finally be able to check out Smite and see if I can forgive it for murdering Tribes.

  5. Metal Angel says:

    Love the uplink! Keep it up!



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