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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Bob


Twitter Highlights – KBMOD (and friends) react to PS4

Well, it’s been a busy night, folks.  Sony has officially unveiled the next generation Playstation at their press and developer event in NYC.  Even our favorite beard, Jared Gerritzen was invited for some reason.

Normally I wouldn’t do this, but sometimes you have to capture the hilarity and mockery, and run with it.  I’m sure someone, somewhere, was actually excited about the PS4, but the PC master race was out in full force.  I wouldn’t say that we came unhinged but they just gave us so much to work with.

This was not a surprise considering the new hardware that the PS4 is sporting – essentially trickle-down PC parts as detailed by Anandtech.

note: You’ll have to forgive me if this gallery isn’t exactly in chronological order, I did what i could with the screen captures.


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3 Responses to Twitter Highlights – KBMOD (and friends) react to PS4

  1. Jonah says:

    Some of these tweets crack me up. I am an avid PC gamer, but not anywhere near the level of these guys. I see you guys as being the foundation of people learning about how there is PC gaming and nothing else. I think the PS4 release was less organised/co-ordinated than the release of Vista: ‘Quick; give them anything!’. I’m glad there are many people who just want to slander the shit out of Sony for such a terrible performance, I hope they gain much deficit in the next coming months.

    • Matt Berial says:

      It seemed fine to me, I don’t see how it was less organized. I don’t know why people expect the new consoles to somehow be on par with PC or what ever it is they are trying or are imagining with the new consoles, it’s never ever going to touch PC.

      Consoles are made to be at a reasonable price and affordable and be easy to use, I like my PC gaming as anyone else but I honestly have no idea what people are thinking. It’s pretty sad someone will flame a company and wish bad things to happen to them whether it be financial or actual injury to the employers. I wish people would grow up, and here I thought PC gamers would be above this.

  2. Eddeh Jeh says:

    The “Krack” game tweet is by far the best one.



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