Published on August 8th, 2014 | by Dan

Metro Redux: Dear God. It’s Beautiful.

We are all fans of the Metro series here at KBMOD.  Metro 2033, despite its flaws was a masterpiece and Last Light improved in almost every way over the original.  Both games also had the knack of beating the hell out of even the most hardcore PCs at the time.

Now, Redux will fix all the flaws in 2033, upgrading everything in it to a new iteration of the 4A Games engine.  This includes changes to the very frustrating gameplay mechanics from 2033.  In addition both games get a massive graphical and performance upgrade.  Both Redux titles have all DLC for the games as well as revamped levels and even additional, never before seen content.

The video above does a tremendous job of detailing all the changes present in the Metro Redux including a bunch of side by side graphical comparisons.  If you haven’t played the Metro series before, this is the perfect time and even old players such as myself will definitely want to pick this up.

Redux releases on Steam for $49.98 on August 26 and is currently 25% off (50% off for previous owners of the Metro series).

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