Published on September 9th, 2014 | by Brandon

KBMOD Podcast – Episode 156 Post-PAX Edition

We are back from PAX and here to amaze you with tales of drinks and video games.  Dan is joined by Scott, Nikon, Brandon, John, BLA, and Nick Fenton this week as we talk video games, PAX happenings and Coheed concerts to start the show.  The news covers the release of Haswell-E and a discussion of where it fits for gamers.  We then move into discussing all the games we played at PAX including: Evolve, Titan Souls, Isaac Rebirth, Bloodborne, Nuclear Throne, Dragonfin Soup, Salt and Sanctuary, FenixRage, Shadowgate, Hand of Fate, Adventures of Pip, Screencheat and more!

Viewer questions cover the downsides of sports games, playing games again for the first time, climaxing in song form, motivation and drug testing in eSports.

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