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Published on August 31st, 2015 | by KBMOD Community


The Dankest Memes of PAX Prime: Day 4

PAX has come to a close and I am exhausted. I’m sitting in the Seattle airport, waiting to hop that magical flight that will carry me home to Pittsburgh, but we have work to do here. As much as I was not excited about a 4th day on the PAX floor, Monday turned out to be my most productive day at PAX. Here’s what you missed if you weren’t here.

Necropolis – My first appointment today was with the folks at Harebrained Schemes and the highlight of the whole thing was Necropolis. If you’re a Dark Souls fan, you need to be paying attention to this game. It’s procedurally generated so every run is unique, and your build is completely dependent on what seed you get for the run. Think Binding of Isaac meets Dark Souls, but with a moody graphic and lighting system and you know what you’re getting into. Stay tuned for more information and a longer write up on this one.

Chasm Part Deux – As previously mentioned I had some time to sit down with the devs working on what I believe to be one of the most promising Metroidvanias currently slated for the PC. What I saw and talked about only further cemented this thought. With Chasm you’re diving into the mine of a town where people are mysteriously vanishing and attempting to solve why. Each run through the game is completely unique, and the dungeons are enormous. If you’re itching for a game to satisfy your Symphony of the Night sequel desire, this is a great place to start.

20XX – I talk a lot about roguelikes both here and on stream, but with so many games headed that direction it’s difficult not to. 20XX is the equivalent of taking Mega Man X and slapping it into a roguelike engine. The controls are tight and feel familiar to Mega Man fans. The jumping especially feels very good for anyone who is a fan of the blue bomber. It’s available right now on Early Access and what I saw at the booth was more than enough to sell me. Expect streams of this one soon.

Salt and Sanctuary – Did you guys know that “Dark Souls-esque” games are super popular right now? Maybe you’ve read anything else I’ve written this past weekend and caught on. Salt and Sanctuary is developed by a two person husband and wife team and takes Dark Souls back to the 2D plane. In my short time with it I was impressed by the art style and how large a game developed by just a couple of people could be. In the sea of “Dark Souls-esque” games, this one looks incredibly promising.

That about does it for PAX Prime 2015. Honestly my biggest highlight was the amount of friends and community people I had a chance to connect with or meet for the first time. We can’t thank those of you who came out for the meetup enough, and we’re already excited to see you next year at PAX Prime 2016! Stay tuned this week for some more in depth write ups once I’ve had a chance to sleep. We’re going to be featuring some content from community members who were on site, as well! Safe travels to everyone who is also leaving the show, and we’ll see you next PAX.

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