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Good morning! I was sick for two days and the PC got its own E3 presser?!

Good morning.  I am indeed alive again after basically sleeping for two straight days.  So here we go again with the morning news post!

Build it and they will come: Our build guides are out for April and man, there is some horsepower in there, even at low price points.  We even have a guest build this month!

PC Gamer has done the impossible: There is now a PC-focused E3 press conference, courtesy of PC Gamer and AMD.  Cliffy B will be there, as well as Dean “Rocket” Hall, Paradox and many other PC focused developers. This is awesome and we won’t even have to make fun of it live on Twitch. Read this awesome article on why this needed to happen.

Fixin’ all the things: GTA V has yet another patch out, fixing a lot of stability issues, crashes and annoying online issues.  Enjoy your armed robbery!

Killin’ it: PC Gamer has their early access review of Killing Floor 2 out, but with no score, because it is early access.  Let me score it for them: 10/10.  There, now go buy it.

Banhammer: Steam has added a new, and frankly welcome feature where developers can now enforce their own bans on nasty players.  now there are essentially two layers of bans that can happen, and that’s a good thing.

WHY GOD, WHY:  Iconic Hat 2 is coming. Yes, Watch Dogs 2 is a thing that is in development.  Now that GTA V hit PC and next-gen, I don’t even know why they would continue to develop it.

Need more content?  As always, check out the forums or come chat in IRC.  Tonight is the KBMAD stream with all the drinks you can put in your gut.  Tune in at 9 PM ET on Twitch!

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3 Responses to Good morning! I was sick for two days and the PC got its own E3 presser?!

  1. tee orion says:

    i think this might be a good post for people to check,. Also the website hasn’t updated the prize-poll for last 5/6 hours.

  2. JackksPro says:

    Is the banhammer a good thing? I like to think devs like Phil Fish are just trolling the steam reviews and banning anyone that gives lower than 4 stars. I have my pitchfork ready

    • Nipnops says:

      I don’t think you’ll see this be abused by people of that ilk. There is no multiplayer component to FEZ, for example. There is nothing to ban for.



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