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Good morning! If I die, bury me in the Northern Kingdoms.

‘Tis a pretty place.  I spent part of my night riding around The Northern Kingdoms last night and all I can say is: get The Witcher 3.  Downgrade or not, it is an incredible experience even in the short time I’ve played it.  Before I just leave work to go play more, let’s get to some news.

A behemoth task: The Behemoth, makers of such fun-as-hell games as Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater are making a sort of tactics/strategy game, titled “Game 4” right now.  Watch 20 minutes of the game in an early state!

Is this news:  Valve has just trademarked something new, called Chaperone.  Half-life 3 Butler sim confirmed?

RIP in peace, cheaters: H1Z1, (the zombie game made famous by the great Jimmy Whisenhunt, who then left development of the game to move to Twitch in a Dean Hall-esque move) has banned nearly 25000 cheaters.  That is a lot of scumbags.

Bipson pls: M. Bison has been confirmed for Street Fighter V.  Not really a surprise, as the series ultimate villain for multiple titles.  Check out a video of him doing some fighting and teleporting and psycho-crushing.

Talkin’ bout pukin: We did talk about puking a whole lot in episode 190 of the podcast.  There were potentially video games talked about as well.  Check it out via audio or video here.

We can build it better: The living world of Guild Wars 2 is quite impressive.  Last year, the capital city was destroyed.  Now construction stuff and scaffolding has appeared and it looks like the city is being rebuilt.  Very, very cool stuff for an MMO.

The king is free, baby:  Gearbox and 3D Realms have settled their Duke Nukem lawsuit.  This ugly saga has come to an end and hopefully we never get another Duke title again.

The skin of your Steam:  If you’ve never skinned Steam before, give it a try sometime.  It really does make the program look better.  RockPaperShotgun even has a list of the best Steam skins for you to try out!

That’s it for today, folks.  We will be starting a journey through Metal Gear Solid tonight on the Twitch channel at 9 PM ET.  Don’t miss it!

Good talk. See ya out there.


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  1. zomagoras says: There is also a ton of custom skins found in the link if you are looking for more skins.



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