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Good morning! Konami sucks.

Good morning.  I am anxiously awaiting my Witcher 3 code.  Really anxiously.  Please, Newegg.  If you missed the podcast last night, the vod is right here.  We laughed so hard we cried.

Let’s get to them links!

WITCHER 3 TODAY OMG: NVIDIA has put a new driver today, specifically for the Witcher 3.  This is probably the most anticipated game of 2015 for a lot of you, so make sure that PC is in working order!

The telltale throne: Telltale’s Game of Thrones game is in its first season, and I haven’t played it yet.  I probably should.  Episode 4 is coming very soon, putting this season past the half way point.  Telltale: call me when we get Wolf Among Us Season 2.

Konami sucks: Fire Kojima, cancel Silent Hills.  Apparently abandon triple A development all together is the third step in how to screw up a legendary company.  Konami will no longer focus on console development, instead opting for mobile games!

Lovely, big guns: Battlefield 4 continues to get patches and improvements.  Current guns are going to be completely re-balanced and new guns will be added in an upcoming patch and a new mode, which is basically Gun Game, will be added.  Other bug fixes and improvements will also be going in.  Despite the rough launch, BF4 is still my favorite Battlefield. I’ll definitely have to give it a try when the patch hits!

That’s it for today!  Short on links after the podcast, but there is some good stuff here.  As always, please come join the conversation on our forums or IRC chat.  We should have a stream on twitch tonight whether it is Witcher 3 or Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Good talk. See ya out there.

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6 Responses to Good morning! Konami sucks.


    I’m here to complain about the Witcher 3 downgrade, CDPR is officaily worse than EA at this point. How can you support a company that changes the graphics of it’s game in the span of 8 months after releasing and amazing gameplay trailer at E3.
    I have cancelled my preorder and will only buy this game eventually at a steam sale.

    • Ryan Kapsar says:

      Isn’t it on sale at 10% off right now? Does that count?
      Do we know what the quality settings were on the Witcher3 latest gameplay video? Do we know if they intentionally showed quality on par with the XBONE and PS4 to make those consolololol platforms happy?

      When Tim does his play through this week we can get some answers to those and hopefully clear some stuff up. I’m sure Ajay will have something to say about it depending on the quality of the graphics upon starting the game.

      • Nipnops says:

        Probably still one of the best looking games ever made. Sure, they should have left the PC version alone and not compromised it as much. I think I’m just over this stuff having covered games intensely for 4 years. Hardline was worth getting mad at, and it flopped. Consumers saw through it. Witcher 3 is still a freaking great game, it appears.

  2. BadBadRobot says:

    I think I’m the only one not excited about Witcher 3.

  3. HansVermHat says:

    Man what a PR train wreck with the whole Konami thing.



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