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Good morning! Initiate video games.

Good morning.  I finally found a love interest in the Witcher 3.  It only took 18 hours of game time.  That game just continues to amaze, with random quests and encounters spicing up the exploration.  I don’t want to leave at the end of a play session.

Let’s get to some news!

The bloodiest bowl:  Blood Bowl 2 now has a September 22 release date.  This is a big delay, but as we see with most titles, time should make the game better.  The developer is even adding an entire faction to the game to make up for the delay.  Well done.

Speed DOOM: A speedrunner has beaten the second episode of FINAL DOOM in 43 minutes.  This is crazy because this version of DOOM, and in particular, this episode is crazy hard.  To speed run it, even harder.

Hearthstone road house:  Blizzard has revealed a new game mode in Hearthstone. Tavern Brawl will offer challenge games with pre-made decks or restricted decks.  These will change weekly.  This sounds super fun to me and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back into it.

Mad gains: Ill-gotten gains, the new update for GTA V is now live.  Sip some champagne in your private jet!

The battle for Endor: PC Gamer has gotten their hands on Star Wars Battlefront.  This game has been the topic of much debate as we figure out if EA will mess it up or hit a home run.  Take a read!

Take it for a spin: Logitech’s new racing wheel, the G29 has been revealed.  It is crazy expensive, but it does work on PC!

A big ole hammer:  What would a Blizzard game be without some dude wielding a giant hammer?

ADR1FT looks incredible and it is releasing in September, complete with Rift support.


That’s it for today, folks!  Enjoy the rest of your day, from us here at KBMOD.

Good talk.  See ya out there.

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