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Good morning! Let’s video game.

Today is jam-packed with news in the world of video games. No time to explain, let’s get right into the fray!

Blopsy beta: The Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta will hit PC on August 26. We will let you know what you’re getting into as we got our hands on some codes. Spoiler: it is the next Call of Duty game! That’s what you’re getting into. Also there’s a fridge you can get.

Ruins of Sescheron: There is now a trailer for the latest massive Diablo III update. Check out the new area and other stuff, like bloody yeti.

Oh, internet: John Smedley has left Daybreak games as its studio head. He is taking an unspecified time off and moving into a new position. Considering the harassment he’s had to deal with, and his frankness on subjects like internet harassment and cheating, this isn’t a surprising move. Internet rage can drive even the strongest people to need a break.

The grand tournament: The next Hearthstone expansion has been revealed. The Grand Tournament will add 132 cards to the game and a new twist with hero powers. You can buy a discounted set of 40 packs right now until the expansion releases in August. PCGamer even has a list of cards revealed so far.

Game changer: Xbox One appears to be getting keyboard and mouse support. This could lead to all kinds of awesome things…like Halo on PC or all Xbox One titles as Windows 10 apps. Keep your eye on what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10 and the Xbox One as it could seriously change the landscape of PC gaming.

The highs and lows: MaximumPC has published a neat and super nerdy article on why you should take minimum framerate data with a grain of salt. Good stuff that will make you a better consumer. Good on them for also changing practice for reviews based on real data.

A familiar world: Eurogamer takes in a detailed demo of Dark Souls III and it certainly sounds like a Souls game. I mean that in every positive way. An epic, sprawling, dark world, teetering on the edge of destruction is what awaits us all in early 2016. Consider me suitably hype for this game! Do yourself a favor and read the article in full.

That’s it for this morning, but there’s a lot going on! We’ll be live again on Sunday with Tim’s early stream and the podcast. Check the full schedule here.

Good talk. See ya out there.

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  1. Jake Robertson says:

    I really hope you guys discuss on the podcast this “xbox having kb + mouse support in the future” and your guys’ thoughts on how bringing this support to all games on xbox could affect pc gaming’s



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