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Good morning! Let’s video game.

Good morning. I caught up on some desperately needed sleep last night and feel like a new man this morning. Do yourself a favor and get proper sleep, it goes a long way. Now for some news! Note: some opinions expressed below are my own and don’t represent all of KBMOD.

Wanna get high: ESL drug testing protocols have finally been detailed. They will be following WADA guidelines for banned substances and use saliva tests during the event itself. I fully acknowledge the need for this testing, however, the implementation leaves much to be desired. Announcing these only a week before competition gives athletes little time to stop taking a legit prescription containing a banned substance, if they have one. On the flipside, you might catch someone who is cheating in a bind, but why damn both sides? Terrible timing, even if teams knew before the media.

ESL also makes sure to mention marijuana specifically in their statement. Interestingly, ESL is only banning the use of cannabis during the event. You can do it before or after with no issue. Let me know in the comments what you think of ESL’s drug testing policy now that we have a bit more detail.

Metal Gear remembers: Eurogamer takes a great look back at Metal Gear Solid as we prepare for the release of MGS V. This is a great read for anyone into video game history or the Metal Gear series.

Deus Ex Bosskind Divided: So, it turns out you can’t stealth all the bosses in the newest Deus Ex. The game’s director has clarified that only some of the bosses will be skippable via stealth. Now, we just need to hope they are better than the boss fights in human revolution.

Halo 3 is on PC, sort of: PC Gamer brings the story of the team trying to mod Halo Online to be more like Halo 3, and bring it to all regions. The game looks absolutely amazing and I may go through the pains to attempt installation. However, I can’t help but think: why didn’t 343 just make Halo 3 on PC with how good this apparently looks and feels? What a missed opportunity.

Hyper Souls: Rockpapershotgun brings a detailed preview of Dark Souls 3 combat. It seems the game is much faster and has that Bloodborne feel to it, which is just fine with me.

That’s it for the news today! Lots of solid, long form stories today to keep you busy. We’ll be live tonight with some heavily modded Skyrim at about 9 PM ET.

Good talk. See ya out there.

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4 Responses to Good morning! Let’s video game.

  1. Reece Bender says:

    The mgs rundown is great. I tried to play it when I was 11 and couldn’t figure out how to get past the first area. Borrowed it off a friend when I was 14 and it was a life changing game. Everything I had played until that point became dull and juvenile in comparison. My favourite 2 game series’ will probably always be Diablo (we don’t talk about 3) and gran turismo, as these two were all I played with any real vigor until my early teens, but mgs was the first game that truly gripped me and turned me into a fanboy.

    • Nipnops says:

      Absolutely fantastic write up on metal gear, Dark Souls and the Halo online stuff. Now I really want Halo 3 PC.

  2. Brian Trostenko says:

    Excellent news post Dan. I’m all for drug testing in esports, especially with so many of these people potentially being role models for kids, but I agree the implementation is lacking.

    • Nipnops says:

      I think the ideal way to do it, is to say we’ll test in 6 months. Here is exactly what we’ll test for. Change prescriptions or get correct paperwork asap and be ready. not 1 month ahead and then 1 week ahead of a major.



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