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Published on May 26th, 2011 | by Dan


>Violent Video games found to make you more desensitized to violence.

>Yet another study of violent video games finds that they will makes us all into hardened killing machines. OKay, well, maybe not. They did find however that violence desensitizes you to images of violence (really familiarity makes things easier to deal with? Someone send me a grant for research.)

Doom was the first game that got blamed for a violent outburst, with the Columbine school shootings. Then GTA got hit and basically every fps ever. I personally believe you had to have a preconditioned violent personality before playing these games to be that influenced by them. Either that or a very weak mind.
Read on, unless you are so desensitized by the violence you just punch the screen instead: Video Games Linked to Violent behavior

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