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Published on July 18th, 2011 | by Dan


>Bulldozer Reportedly Delayed Plus More Info

>Courtesy of maximumPC

As we all know Bulldozer is going to be AMD’s next big processor architecture with 8 cores. It should be a beast and slot in right under Gulftown but above Sandy Bridge if reports are to be believed. It should also be a decent price, because that’s what AMD does. Ivy Bridge will most likely be better, but if you are on a budget, AMD is king.
The article above says that, again, Bulldozer will be delayed. Hopefully not too long as every day they wait, Intel thinks up something new. This article actually was kind of painful to put up despite the new information on clock speeds. I just want these to come out so i can get one. Hopefully they live up to their name and wreck some benchmarks for very little wallet.

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3 Responses to >Bulldozer Reportedly Delayed Plus More Info

  1. chad1312 says:

    >Would you recommend waiting for bulldozer for a BF3 build or go i7 2600k?

  2. Dex says:

    >@chad1312 – You can spend forever waiting. You're going to build another PC eventually. If you hold out for the next leet CPU, you might as well wait for the next revision in RAM or the next pricedrop in SSDs. By the time we get enough information about the stability and quality of the Bulldozer line to go with solid benchmarks and tweaking you could have used a sick ass i7 2600k system for several months.

  3. everydaytechhelp says:

    >well to bad I all ready when 1090T x6



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