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Published on August 1st, 2011 | by Dan


>Bulldozer Price Leaks

>Short article here, but it seems that inadvertently AMD leaked it’s FX-8150 chip price in some fine print for a contest.

It appears to slot in right where the benchmarks (early and unconfirmed with the final product) put it. The $300 mark. Right around the i7-2600k, which it should just slightly outperform. I was personally hoping this would be the case, as I have a motherboard ready for a Bulldozer. this also means the 1 or 2 models above it will be $350+ I’d think.
The FX-8150 is 8 cores at 3.6 ghz with a turbo core of 4.2 ghz.
Source: MaximumPC

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