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Published on August 12th, 2011 | by Aplfisher


>Counter Strike Global Offensive?


It’s about time! Those three words were the first ones that entered my mind upon first hearing that a new Counter Strike game was in the works.

Rumors have been circulating about a new CS game since last month. Top community members were said to have been flown out to Valve headquarters to give their input.

Then yesterday, in a thread on the Steam forums speculating about the possibility of a new CS game, Jess Cliffe (One of the original creators of CS and a Valve employee) posted these two simple words…”Global Offensive”.

These occurences, along with posts on Facebook by ESEA and tweets from ESL Pro manager Bastian Vieser (who talked about playing a game called Counter Strike: Global Offensive), all point to Valve being set to release a new version of Counter Strike sometime in the near future.

A post on ESEA’s news site sums up the most current rumors up to this point:

Planned to be released Q1 2012
Focuses on 5v5 competition
Press release within 24 hours from VALVE – Confirmed
Plays on an updated source engine
Individual & Team rankings
New Guns added
New Grenades
Dust & Aztec major revamp
Spamming still viable
Ammo is free

ESEA also tweeted a confirmation that Valve will have a press release with more information about the game within the next 24 hours.

Suffice it to say, I am beyond excited. As many of you know (and tease me about) I am a diehard Counter Strike veteran. In my opinion it’s the greatest and most influential online shooter of all time and to see it finally being paid serious attention by Valve again fills me with joy. I cannot wait to see what this upcoming press release will reveal about the game!

Stay tuned to KBMOD.com for more informations as this story continues to break!

View the ESEA News article here


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4 Responses to >Counter Strike Global Offensive?

  1. Peeble says:

    >If you don't know how reddit works, the OPs posts have his name in dark blue.

  2. CrustyKestrel says:

    >Now all we need is a new Half-Life game and all will be well in the world.

  3. Yboord028 says:

    >The graphics will be too good for Scott to play it.



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