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Published on August 1st, 2011 | by Dan


>Intel Locks Down Ivy Bridge


Intel, I’m not sure what you’re thinking here. File this one under WTF.

As we know AMD is coming out with the hardy 8-core Bulldozer architecture as well as Intel countering with the crazy fast Sandy Bridge-E this fall. Bulldozer is going to slot in just above the i7 2600k and Sandy Bridge-E will be ridiculously expensive and accordingly, fast as hell.
Lost in this shuffle a little bit is Intel’s new product, Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge looks to expand upon Sandy Bridge and go above and beyond those lofty performance standards. However, we now have a rumor that Ivy Bridge will be cut out at the knees simply to NOT compete the Sandy Bridge-E. Ivy Bridge will be locked down with only a one step overclock. For enthusiasts and overclockers, this is the kiss of death for a platform.
Basically Intel is saying if you want a flexible, overclockable, performance processor beyond regular Sandy Bridge, go spend $800+ on Sandy Bridge-E. If you are on a budget you’ll be stuck on either a 2600k or Bulldozer. Or a 1 step, not at all overclockable Ivy Bridge.
I am disappoint.
Source: MaximumPC

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