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Published on August 29th, 2011 | by Dan


>New Borderlands patch to test Borderlands 2 protocols

>The patch will be dropping on September 9th for the PC and adds a few different tidbits to the game. Firstly, there will be Steamworks support. It will also bring several behind the scenes changes that are going to help game development and future patching.

Steamworks will allow you to have your saved games on the Steam Cloud so you don’t lose them. Borderlands can be many hours of work, so this is a welcome feature. The other changes are actually in data collection. It will give Gearbox data on which guns players use, which areas they actually visit so they can patch the game later accordingly. The fact that they want to do this now, but weren’t doing it with Borderlands actually makes me think they won’t half ass the port this time.
Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox also divulged this patch will test the server loads and tech for Borderlands 2. It will also be a link between the player and gearbox, although Pitchford declined to comment further on what that meant. Speculation has a social networking type tool or even cross platform support in the works. Here’s to hoping this gives us a better product come launch and less of a port than Borderlands was. It sounds like they are trying to make the game better.
Source: Kotaku


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  1. Jugs says:

    >An MP xplatform is something im not looking forward to but a seamless co-op xplatforming experience would be fucking awesome so I could play with all my broke friends who never made the transition to pc.



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