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Published on August 31st, 2011 | by Dan


>New Razer Black Widow won’t wake the neighbors.

Razer has had the Black Widow Mechanical keyboard out for sometime. Mechanical keyboards are often prefered for the great feel they gave and reassuring sound. They tend to be more accurate than regular keyboards.

That sound can cause some discomfort though, to those around you. If this is your conundrum then worry no more. Razer has your back. They are launching the new Razer Black Widow Stealth Edition. The Stealth has silent switches, which means you get the feel without the noise.
Now prepare for one of the great quotes about a keyboard of all time:

“Where the first Razer BlackWidow can be likened to a barbarian ploughing through enemies with ease, the Stealth Edition of this mechanical keyboard is the ninja who sneaks up on opponents unexpectedly to take them down in a quick blur.”

This keyboard is apparently a killing machine. Or at least turns you into one, online…in a game. The Stealth will be offered as both an Ultimate and Standard version. You get all the regular perks of a gaming keyboard on the standard; macro keys, gaming mode, multimedia controls and a sturdy cable. Ultimate will net you backlit keys, audio jacks and some more USB pass-throughs. We recommended the original Black Widow in our Mice/Keyboard guide. This one is no different. The Standard version will run you around $80 and the Ultimate is around $140. Both are slightly less than the Razer Blade.
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6 Responses to >New Razer Black Widow won’t wake the neighbors.

  1. Jugs says:

    >ha loved that outro.

    and i agree with everyone who commented on favoring the clacking of the kb inputs but its nice that they have an alternate silent option.

  2. ZBUFF1997 says:

    >But, I like the loud clicks that my black widow makes when i'm pounding on them.

  3. chaosking says:

    >I love how loud my black widow is, that's one of the best parts of having that lol.

  4. derp says:

    >LOL i still have my 10$ MS industrial keyboard (will be 5years now), when i buy expensive stuff it usually breaks faster then the cheaper ones, dont know why

  5. Henrik says:

    >Are you going to be able to hold down more than 4 keys this time? Because that's kind of important for me when spending $140 on a keyboard. In all honesty tho, these keyboards should have PS/2 connectors, not USB.

  6. Paul says:

    >I like the matte finish more than the gloss, but I really do enjoy the sound of mechanical keys. God damnit.



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