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Published on August 18th, 2011 | by Dan


>Razer Tiamat is a true 7.1 gaming headset


Razer has just launched the Tiamat, a headset that displays sound in true 7.1 surround. Razer says it is:

“…the world’s first 10 driver headset, built to deliver the most powerful, clear and accurately reproduced positional audio gamers will ever need for the competitive edge…”

10 drivers is a lot and is what would be necessary to produce 7.1 in a headset. They have 5 drivers per ear. With the control unit, in the photo above, you can control each driver individually to tweak the sound. Maybe we’ll get our hands on one to test it out.

Razer will also be making a 2.2 version of these, which will retail for $99 USD. The 7.1 will run you $180 USD. They are shipping right in time for Christmas.
image courtesy Razer


4 Responses to >Razer Tiamat is a true 7.1 gaming headset

  1. Henrik says:

    >Will probably be as sucky as everything else razer has done lately. Their keyboards are shitty quality compared to the price, their mice have been bad ever since Deathadder, they have managed to produce one almost decent headset (Carcharias).

    The thing with Razer is that they have gone from being one of the first pioneers in the gaming industry to provide us with decent hardware to a money grubbing giant who abuses it's previous reputation to trick people into buying their sub par products. Don't believe me? Go to Razer's website and find one negative review on one of their products, or hell, try to find one review that even gives some criticism. On top of that, after you have spent so much money on one of their products they fuck you over with their lousy customer support.

    Look at all products with criticism and don't believe anyone who has been gives the product in exchange for a shout out.

  2. Daftpunk989 says:

    >$180 doesn't seem so bad. But headsets is the last thing I want right now.

  3. RoryGreen says:

    >Looks like the design is a blatant knock-off of the Astro A40s (Which are amazing despite targeting a console audience). The design style is very similar except these are in the Razer black and green colours. Each ear cup contains 5 smaller speakers or drivers, which will result in much lower quality audio than headphones which use the dolby headphone technology to 'simulate' a surround sound environment. The only upside to these is the possibility of very slightly better positional audio at the sacrifice of sound quality which is far more important in my eyes, or ears I should say. I may be proved wrong, and Razer may have created an exceptional product but I highly doubt it.

  4. Billy Mayze says:

    >Goddammit, I just forked out the money for the megalodon and now this >.<



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