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Published on September 13th, 2011 | by Dan


>AMD Breaks Overclocking World Record

>AMD has just hit ludicrous speed. The new FX-8150, a $266 processor (rumored price) has just hit 8.4 GHZ. That’s 8 cores at 8.4 ghz.

See the attempt here:
And if you are thinking that it just did well because of the insane cooling measures, they hit 5 ghz with “air and sub-$100 water cooling solutions.” Sounds like it’s going to be a good chip whenever it comes out. There is still no release date on the Bulldozer desktop architecture but there has been a rumor for an October 1 release.
Source: MaximumPC

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6 Responses to >AMD Breaks Overclocking World Record

  1. The tech talk blog says:

    >sorry to rain on your parade, but they only used 1 module, which is 2 "cores", so its not 8 cores at 8.5ghz as you said. and the previous record was a celeron at 8.3ghz, but that dosen't make the celeron a good chip. Sure they can over clock well, but its not even going to be close to sandy bridge, sorry to break it to you all, but bulldozer is phenon II with hyperthreading.

  2. spdeuce says:

    >I can't wait to get this, hopefully it can render my console gameplay in real time. I have a GT220, I play TF2 at 50 fps and claim to be a PC gamer.

  3. CharlieTango says:

    >Let's see some benchmarks. Not that I'm not excited for these kinds of advances, but I'll keep cautiously optimistic until I see something that actually affects the way we see/play games. I'm rooting for this to be the real thing though :)

  4. Stafunoob says:

    >seriously if this 8150 is only 266 bucks im gonna be sooooo excited

  5. Arfan says:

    >Game set, and match?

  6. RoryGreen says:

    >AMD? Overclocking? WTF is this??? Mind = Blown



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