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Published on September 12th, 2011 | by Bob


>Bulldozer Price Info Leaked

>No way to confirm these prices yet, or availability. AMD has started shipping server grade Bulldozer chips, but there has been no real sign or details for the desktop market. Rumor has it that they will appear with several new quadcore, hexcore, and 8 core CPUs.

An online store posted the 6 core and two 8 core solutions for pre-order. Keep in mind we have no idea whether or not these are confirmed. The top of the line FX-8150 will be $266. That’s a very competitive price for a processor that may be better than an i7-2600k. The FX-8120 is coming in at $216 or so, while the hexcore FX-6100 is only $188. That’s barely more than a Thuban for a lot better performance.

If Bulldozer can work at this price point these will be a definite contender for budget and midrange machines.

Source: MaximumPC

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2 Responses to >Bulldozer Price Info Leaked

  1. Atanvay says:

    >This is why I have an AM3+ 990FX Motherboard :)

  2. Slab says:

    >I was pretty pumped in the first place to pick up one of these processors for my new rig, and if these prices turn out to be true that's awesome. Can't wait to see what they'll be when they actually release them.



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