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Published on October 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>Blizzcon News

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Next WoW Xpac:  Mists of Pandaria

War between the factions (horde vs Alliance) about to take center stage according to Blizzard.  It appears that it will take place in Pandaria. There is a new class, the Monk.

-Level cap raised to 90
-More outdoor things in the world, including World Raid bosses
-They want progression no matter what you are doing (not sure what this means)
-Trying to do away with cookie cutter builds (I don’t see the point, but whatever)
-5 new leveling zones, all on one continent, AH, Bank, NO FLIGHT TIL 90.
-Pandaren starting zone is a giant floating turtle, The Wandering Isle
-You choose faction at level 10
-New enemies, The Jinyu, humanoid fish, The Hozu who are monkeys, Kobold like Verming, Bunny people.
-Pandaren cannot be DK, Paladin, Druid or warlock
-Monk does not have an autoattack.  You use Jab and Roll to generate Light and Dark energy, to spend on moves.  Kind of like DK Runes.

-Noncombat pets can be leveled and fought against other noncombat pets.

-New challenge mode dungeons.

Talent Overhaul:

-No more 3 talent trees, now there are Spec Abilities, Class Abilities and Talents.
-Choose spec at level 10, get a new ability, you unlock more spec abilities as you level.
-New talent every 15 levels.
-ONE talent tree per class.
-Choose 6 talents to use, Diablo III style.


Diablo III: Link for 12 month WoW pass here.

Collectors Edition:

-In-game items for SC2, D3, and WoW
-Art Book
-Behind the Scenes DVD
-Soulstone USB drive with Diablo II loaded on it
-Demon Skull

Diablo III will be FREE if you buy a year long pass to WoW.  This will also include a mount, Tyrael’s Charger and  guaranteed beta access to the next WoW expansion.  These 12 month passes are available now on Blizzard’s website.

Charger picture, courtesy Kotaku:

UPDATE:  Diablo III end boss appears to be Asmodan.

DOTA:  Blizzard’s DOTA appears to have many WoW characters as playable heroes, although it could just be for demo purposes (Sylvanas, Thrall, Zaratul).


SC2 unit photos (bad quality):

Post will be updated as news comes in!

thanks Kotaku for your livechat!

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2 Responses to >Blizzcon News

  1. PCVirtuosity says:

    >Should be interesting to see how these new units play out. Shredder will be great, especially cuz microing away units is so easy with my mouse bungee.

  2. DkMaravilla says:

    >Is the monk another hero class like the DK?



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