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Published on October 7th, 2011 | by Dan


>Bulldozer Ready Checklist

>No one truly knows when the Bulldozer is coming, but it’ll be beastly when it hits. Want to know if you prepared correctly for release? AMD has released a checklist of stuff you need to run the chip.

First, have a 9-series chipset. (View the 970, 990FX and 990X on newegg) These are relatively new, so if you built an AMD rig in 2010 or 2009, you may be in the market for a new mobo as well. I am in this boat, disappointingly.
It must have an AM3+ socket. This was known for some time, but now its confirmed, although the AM3+ chipsets are backwards compatible with AM3 chips. This means you can buy the motherboard now and put your old chip in it, so the expense doesn’t hit all at once.
Next, make sure whatever 9-series motherboard you do have, update the BIOS before getting your chip. This will ensure it works when you get it.
AMD, in its own interests recommend you have a graphics card from them, and that it is a 6850 or higher. Obviously this isn’t true. What we can take from this is you will get the best performance from cards that benchmark at the level of a 6850 or higher, whether they be AMD or Nvidia offerings.
So there you have it. Bulldozer in a Nutshell. I would say you are looking at anywhere from 300-500 dollar upgrade if you need a new motherboard. Not that bad for a pretty massive jump.

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15 Responses to >Bulldozer Ready Checklist

  1. vol1tion says:


    Yep, Intel is releasing Sandy Bridge-E chips in about a month and Ivy Bridge sometime next year.

  2. Mikan says:

    >@ vol1tion

    yeah was my plan either way, but seeing the 2600k is somewhat older couldn't Intel pull off something better within the next year?

  3. vol1tion says:


    I'd say wait and see what the Bulldozer benchmarks look like before you make a decision either way.

  4. Mikan says:

    >I'm looking into getting my first build, got plenty of money so that is no issue, is this something to look into for a first build? Was originally gonna go with the i7 2600k but this seems like a better investment atm

  5. bpost says:

    >@CharlieTangos shush, you.

  6. NipNops says:

    >@charlietango its very possible the abortion ends next week :)

  7. Atanvay says:

    >I got a Gigabyte UD3 Am3 990Fx when I was building my pc. Also all the 9-series chips are Sli certified. Im running 560ti sli without any sli hack

  8. CharlieTango says:

    >These types of conversations would be awesome on some type of forum, where everyone could talk about their totally baseless speculations for HL3 release dates and future cod perks. If only there was a newer and more updated version of this blogger-abortion layout of the site. When do you speculate such a site might come to fruition?

  9. NipNops says:

    >They will probably be okay because they've been delayed like 9 times. But caution is a good thing

  10. Mike says:

    >Would you recommend that we upgrade straight away? Because with the Phenom ii series there were a few revisions of the chips that filtered out some problems, i don;t know if BD will have any problems at launch but would it be worthwile upgrading your mobo to AM3+ and then waiting for say a 2nd/3rd revision of the BD chips. Just seems if the first revision at launch is a bit faulty it may be a waste of my money buying the FX-8150 :(

  11. NipNops says:

    >Doing well on teh shoulder front. @kparkes check this other article here: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/amds_bulldozer_processors_reportedly_delayed_more_specs_revealed

  12. FleXide says:

    >How's your shoulder buddy?

  13. geirbiscohn says:

    >Sad to see I need to upgrade my motherboard. Will be worth it in the end, but sets back my plans. Just missed it with an 890GX :(

  14. KParkes says:

    >Have you heard anything on the initial speed they will be running in?

  15. Seventy2 says:




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