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Published on October 10th, 2011 | by Dan


>Co-op Mode coming to Mass Effect 3

>Mass Effect has a pretty hardcore following. The Femshep business this summer was literally everywhere in the gaming press. For 3 months straight.

Now we have confirmation of a long reported rumor. Mass Effect 3 will include Co-op missions.
Details on what kind of missions or gameplay this will be are scarce, except it won’t be versus, as evidenced by them saying Co-op. What could this include? RAGE style vehicle missions are always a possibility, or challenge stage type venues.
Kotaku is guessing Spec Ops type gameplay, which I tend to agree with given the playstyle of Mass Effect. It will likely be more fleshed out too, because they said it will include “a full multiplayer component.”
Check out the evidence on Kotaku.


2 Responses to >Co-op Mode coming to Mass Effect 3

  1. Seth_AK says:

    >Yeah, I really do hope that the co-op is indeed something like spec ops, so that it is completely seperate from the SP campaign. I just want to play ME3 so I can finish the Shepard story with some degree of satisfaction. They really messed up on Dragon Age, so let's hope they've learned from their mistakes.

    Honestly who cares about mass effect multiplayer, unless it's a MMO. And if it wasn't for The Old Republic I would have bet money that a ME mmo would have been Bioware's next big project. The ME universe would be perfect for it.

  2. RoryGreen says:

    >Noooooo! Adding co-op to Mass Effect will completely kill it. I hope it's a shit mode on the side that I can ignore. If the campaign is co-op I think I'll punch a kitten.



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