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Published on November 7th, 2011 | by Dan


13 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 Bliss

Mass Effect 3 will be a massive release, to be sure.  With its continuation of the series and now multiplayer options included, it should evolve an already great series into legendary status.

They can’t mess this up, can they?  These 13 minutes may pique your curiosity.

UPDATE: The original video in the post appears to have been taken down, but we found a similar one (which could also be taken down at any point in time). Be aware that the video may contain spoilers!


4 Responses to 13 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 Bliss

  1. krunch says:

    Beyond excited for this game. I’m an absolute die hard mass effect fan, and this will not disappoint. 40,000 lines of dialogue in this game.

  2. MrMattyMouse MrMattyMouse says:

    I’m with Krunch on this one. I am so fucking pumped for this game that it actually hurts me!
    As for this footage, I have to not watch it, I can’t have it spoil it, I want the full experience and surprise when I get it.

  3. krunch says:

    well you’re in luck matty mouse cause its been removed lol



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