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Published on October 31st, 2011 | by Bob


>CS:GO Beta Delayed

>Reports are surfacing from CVG that Valve has decided to forego its original beta launch window, which had been scheduled for October.

In an ESEA Interview with Chet Faliszek of Valve, Chet is quoted as saying that the beta would be pushed back “a bit” in response to the feedback that they’ve received in an effort to avoid redundant bug reports.  The initial scope of the beta will include 10,000 people.

Now while there’s certainly cause for disappointment, it appears that Valve is making every effort to do it right the first time.  They’re not under any particular time constraint or deadline and are taking their time with this one in order to address appropriate feedback from professional gamers.

Forgive me a moment while I hop up on a soapbox:

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the frequency of bug-riddled releases.  (See Rage as exhibit A.)  What used to be considered an alpha release in years past is now what many developers consider a beta.  Internal bug testing has fallen by the wayside in favor of crowdsourcing.

Not only that, but betas are all too often being used as marketing tools these days, rather than legitimate stress testing or bug reporting tools.  Quite frankly, Battlefield 3 may have been guilty of this.  Whatever happened to in-house quality assurance and testing? Kudos to Valve for putting in the “extra effort”.

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4 Responses to >CS:GO Beta Delayed

  1. Aequitas says:

    >I totally agree. I bought Battlefield 3 and had it installed and was greeted by a 420MB patch to get downloaded. The game was just released, there is no justification as to why a patch must be released especially one that big. That patch should have already been patched on to the installation files before the game was released or it shouldn't have been released at all.

  2. bpost says:

    >My point is that I disagree that it's the job of the consumer to find bugs. That's what game testers are for. In the past they've been software engineers, who actually know what they're looking for.

    Today, developers are using crowd-sourced reporting tools and sending out broken code, and mainly fixing the most obvious and least time consuming problems.

    What was once considered an Alpha build (internal testing) is now pushed out as a Beta build for future customers – this means crappy and rushed code.

  3. xSpacey says:

    >But they don't have to have it done right.. it's a beta… if it's buggy, that's why we're there.. to test it out..? I mean I can obviously see why delaying the actual game is beneficial.. They could delay it by a few years if they had to. But I mean come on.. it's a beta.

  4. wintagreen says:

    >I agree with you. I'd rather wait for the release and have it done right than have the game pushed out before it's ready. I'm confident that Valve won't pull an EA and give us a 3-month-old build for the beta. If they do, I'll be outside Valve HQ holding a sign. And hopefully I'll get a pic with Gabe Newell that I can post on the Internet.



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