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Published on October 6th, 2011 | by Aplfisher


>Featured YouTubes of the Day 10/6/11

>All I can say about this video from CaptainFalconOnAPogo is…LOL so true.

Shibby2142 reveals his sniping secret to the world. The consequences will never be the same!

This is the first commentary from a1thekiller and he does a fantastic job. We always love seeing AlterIW footage here at KBMOD.

This video from SKATEOUTTACOMPTON may have a bit of an exaggerated title but it’s still a very funny TF2 fail.

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3 Responses to >Featured YouTubes of the Day 10/6/11

  1. ChodeNation says:


  2. Stolen Syn says:

    >where (or how) would one submit a video for a youtube of the day? i really dont feel like looking through all the previous posts just to figure it out :(

  3. Fargo says:

    >Tweet at KBMODGaming when they tweet out something like: "Now taking youtube submissions"



Chode Master. That is all.

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