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Published on October 27th, 2011 | by Bob


>Levetron Mech4 Modular Mechanical Keyboard



Images courtesy AZiO Corp

In the market for a mechanical keyboard?  AZiO Corp has announced their KB588U Levetron Mech4 modular gaming keyboard.  Intended to be ultra-durable, this water resistant keyboard sports Cherry MX (Black) mechanical switches good for 50 million keystrokes.  It features an anti-ghosting zone, a modular numeric keypad, and a modular macro keypad which can be moved along the top of the keyboard.

According to Maximum PC, the Levetron Mech 4 will be available October 30, 2011 for $110.

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  • NFEN

    >Optimus Prime? Is that you?

  • Mikan

    >HEY LISTEN FAGGOT, YOUR KEYBOARD IS NOT MECHANICAL! Seriously though this has no lights on the keys it's unusable for proffessional 12 year old gamers like me…

  • Aequitas

    >Lights or GTFO.

  • derp

    >will it buy bread and milk in the morning?

  • Aequitas

    >In all seriousness though its way to bulky and rugged looking. I prefer a more minimalistic style.

  • Fargo

    >Looks like a RATBoard

  • matiK

    >I don't find mechanical keyboards comfortable to play on fps games. I really think mechanicals are geared towards more for rts games. And since sc2 is the biggest in using them, companies are trying to capitalize on it.

    If you want one though, fuck these razor clone trash pos. Buy a tried and true reliable ones such as Das, Filco, or Choco mini. All minimalistic and gets the job done while making you get an orgasmic feeling everytime you hear the CLICK CLACKS.

  • The tech talk blog

    >well, its better than Logitech's crap as its mechanical, but its still going to be a piece of shit, filco/das or die

  • Cake

    >Needs more cores

  • Stolen Syn

    >This thing looks like it'd be a perfect match for that 150$ RAT 9 mouse.

  • bpost

    >If you're going to proclaim "filco/das or die" you better own one, to back that up.

    I though this would look nice paired with a RAT and perhaps an Antec LanBoy Air as suggested on twitter to me by @TheGingerBomb (I think?)

  • Tristan

    >Very intriguing, I'd like to purchase it just to test it out.

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