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Published on October 25th, 2011 | by Dan


>Skyrim PC requirements

>Here they are.  I think this will include most PCs from the last couple years.  I need this game now.  We will update these as they become more fleshed out.

Minimum PC Specs:
Operating System: Win XP/7/Vista (32 or 64 bit)
CPU: Dual Core (Core 2 Duo)
Memory: 2GB RAM
Video Card: DirectX9c video card w/ 512MB RAM

Not too shabby.

Recommended PC Specs:
Operating System: Win XP/7
CPU: Quad-Core Intel/AMD CPU
Memory: 4GB RAM, 6GB Hard Drive Space
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Video Card: DirectX9 video card with 1GB memory. GTX 260/Radeon 4890 or higher

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12 Responses to >Skyrim PC requirements

  1. dr00hlar says:

    So a GTX470 and a Phenom II X4 965 (3,7Ghz) will run it pretty decent?

  2. Tristan says:

    >@Jigstaa "Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms. Originally, the names of these APIs all began with Direct, such as Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectSound, and so forth. The name DirectX was coined as shorthand term for all of these APIs (the X standing in for the particular API names) and soon became the name of the collection. When Microsoft later set out to develop a gaming console, the X was used as the basis of the name Xbox to indicate that the console was based on DirectX technology.[1] The X initial has been carried forward in the naming of APIs designed for the Xbox such as XInput and the Cross-platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT), while the DirectX pattern has been continued for Windows APIs such as Direct2D and DirectWrite."

    Source: Wikipedia

  3. Jigstaa says:

    >can someone explain what direct x is?

  4. Timicore says:

    >Will my HD Radeon 5650 cut it?

  5. ChodeNation says:

    >Xan't wait till next gen consoles come out so the developers can stop majorly dumbing down their games for console, at least for a while until PC's get 10 times better again.

  6. d0ublsh0tt says:

    >I love console

  7. Unknown says:

    >If I remember correctly, Skyrim supports DX11, but doesn't make extensive use of its features. You can thank consoles for that.

  8. The tech talk blog says:

    it will work with dx9, doesn't mean it wont have dx10/11 features

    cant wait for this :D

  9. Brian says:

    >only 6 gig file size?!

  10. derp says:

    >so there wont be dx10/11 at all?, kinda dissapoint

  11. TheDillsterr says:

    >Wow I can't believe my graphics card actually makes the recommended hardware O_o I'm surprised the requirements are so low. The game looks really graphics intensive in the trailers. I guess it's because it's not a multiplayer game so they have control over what all can happen at once.

  12. Paul says:

    >I just want to lose my life to this already.



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